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How To Have A Blooming Garden With Allium Bulbs And Begonias?

By Kathleen Chester

Gardening is a passion for those who cherish the joy of it from their heart. Nothing can make a gardener happier than watching his/her garden blooming. It is so much more than a reward of the hard work that has led to those delightful blossoms beaming with pride in your beautiful garden. The instant splash of colors by those beautiful flowers like begonia, allium bulbs light up the face of your garden.

Every gardener is fond of begonias and allium bulbs for the simplicity in the process of nurturing them and their colorful magnificence. Begonia belongs to the begoniaceae family; it has been so named after Michel Begon, Governor of a French colony in the Caribbean in mid 17th century. Allium means garlic in Latin because they belong to the onion family. Here are some tips to help you have a blooming garden with begonia and allium bulbs:


1.It is pretty confusing to differentiate between rhizome and tuberous varieties of begonia because they look almost the same but flowers quite prominently look different when they bloom. Prima Donna, Double Trumpet are some of the well known varieties of begonia tubers. They come in beautiful colors like that of red, white, and yellow. They bloom in frills like that of carnations. You can differentiate between them by the fact that tubers are thicker and shorter than the rex variety.

2.Alliums are of the onion genus. Some of the varieties are edible but some of them bloom into beautiful blossoms in the spring time. One of the reasons why allium bulbs are such a gardener’s delight is due to that fact that they are pretty easy to grow. Least amount of labor is needed to take care to grow an allium bulb. But before planting them one should make sure that the allium bulbs are healthy, this will ensure healthy blossom of allium bulbs.

2.Taking Care:

1. Begonia Tuber flowers blossom in summer and fall. They thrive well in soils that are well drained and get good exposure to sunlight. Water the begonia plant regularly during the blossoming season and watch out for powdery mildew. When the leaves start turning yellow, stop watering them. Gradually the plant will dry out then pull out the begonia bulbs, get rid of the stems carefully and leave them to dry in the sun to prevent them from rotting. This way you can use them next season as well.

2.Alliums are best planted in well drained and compost rich soil. This should be done in fall so that they have deep set root before the onset of the winters. Alliums should be watered consistently, not more than half an inch from the level of the soil potted in. Otherwise they will rot inside the soil and die.


1.Store begonia tubers and alliums in cool dry place so that they do not rot and thus you can have beautiful flowers next season as well.

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