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Potting Basics: Regular Repotting is Very Essential to the Well-being of Your Begonias

Regular repotting is very essential to the well-being of your begonias especially in their first few years … as they..


Tip Cuttings are the Most Common Type of Begonia Cutting

Nearly all types of begonias can be started from tip cuttings, even rhizomatous. A tip cutting is basically the end..


Wedge Cuttings are the Easiest Way to Start Many Plants

Wedge cuttings are the easiest way to start many plants at a time with the least plant material. It’s especially..


Rhizome Cuttings are a Type of Stem Cutting

Like cane, shrub and other stem cuttings however, you do have to use cutting with nodes. Rhizome cuttings can be..


Mallet and Heel Cuttings Are Not Commonly Used

Mallet and heel cuttings are not commonly used but they do have purposes. There isn’t much difference between the two..


Many Types of Begonias Will Start From Leaf Cuttings

These are mainly rhizomatous, rexes, and tuberous begonias. With nearly all begonias you can root a leaf, but only certain..

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