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Tuberous Begonias: An Essential Guide By Jack Larter
This authoritative guide introduces the best varieties and celebrates the great range of colours grown.

Know Your Begonias by Jack Krempin
This is a full-colour, comprehensive collection of begonia photos, together with a full listing of all confirmed natural species.

Begonias: Cultivation, Identification, and Natural History By Mark C. Tebbitt
Concise descriptions, keys, and elegant illustrations of more than 300 commonly grown species and their most popular cultivars, are included.

Begonias by Mike Stevens
Mike presents a complete and readable guide to one of the most popular flowering plant choices: begonias.

Begonias: The Complete Reference Guide By Mildred & Edward Thompson
Provides information on every known species and cultivar up to the time of publication.

Begonias of Peninsular Malaysia by Ruth Kiew
First and foremost, this book is written to interest the naturalist and gardener in the wealth of wild begonias

Begonias: The Complete Guide by Eric Catterall
This guide focusing on begonias, is part of a series written by experts…

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