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Tips for Growing Begonias

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  1. Begonias should live in a temperature of 65-72 fahrenheit or 18-23 Celsius
  2. Begonia can not tolerate freezing temperatures
  3. They grow well in warmer, more humid temperatures
  4. Begonias like to sit in locations that have daily full to partial morning sunlight
  5. The soil should be kept moist, but not wet or soggy
  6. If the soil is dry to the touch, the plant needs water
  7. If it is wet, it has received too much
  8. Too much water can cause root rot and kill the Begonia
  9. Begonias hate being overwatered
  10. Use liquid fertilizer weekly at quarter strength or byweekly at half strength
  11. Uou can use high-phosphorous fertilizer for blooming varieties
  12. Begoina blossoms love to grow in pairs, producing small single blooms just behind each large double bloom
  13. To encourage larger growth of the biggest blossoms, pinch out the smaller blossoms regularly
  14. Begonas don’t like to be moved or experience any change in conditions
  15. If you have to move your plants, try to do it as gradually and gently as possible to reduce the risk of shock